Vintage Camera


We took a 125-year old view camera and converted it to digital, combining the beauty of a vintage camera with the quality of digital technology. We’ve created the ultimate booth-free photobooth for parties, events and weddings. 


The John Wilkes is a 12 by 20 inch view camera, and is maned by an experienced attendant. All your guests have to do is stand in front of our lens and pose. A 22-inch high-definition screen instantly displays portraits in a slideshow for everyone to admire. 

From high-brow to low-brow to no-brow, The John Wilkes wows guests at any event. Our portable studio has a 6 foot by 6 foot footprint. We bring a suitcase of tasteful props; vintage feathers boas, hats and glasses.


All our images are black and white. Trust us, everyone looks better this way. All photographs are uploaded within 24 hours to a print-ordering gallery and to Facebook. It's easy to tag yourself and order beautiful prints or thank-you cards.